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vServices specialises in the field of websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, branding, and IT solutions in general, for companies of all sizes and industry segments. We focus on providing you with meaningful and immediate results.

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Where technology meets artistic imagination

We understand unique IT business needs and our team of experts is ready to provide high-quality solutions customised to each customer in the most cost-effective way possible with the highest quality standards

At vServices, we follow and adhere to the following international quality standards and requirements to deliver your desired services in a cost-effective and timely manner:

  • ISO-9001 to meet customer quality expectations
  • ISO-14001 to work in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way
  • ISO-27001 to keep your sensitive information assets safe and secure
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE-29119 for high-quality approach to software testing
  • Statutory HSE regulations and standards to keep our colleagues and wider public safe of harm’s way

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Where technology meets artistic imagination